Lightweight Languages 2003 (LL3)

Nov. 8, 2003
MIT, Cambridge MA

LL3 will be an intense, exciting, one-day forum bringing together the best programming language implementors and researchers, from both academia and industry, to exchange ideas and information, to challenge one another, and to learn from one another.

The workshop series focuses on programming languages, tools, and processes that are usable and useful. Lightweight languages have been an effective vehicle for introducing new features to mainstream programmers.

Program and Abstracts



You can watch the webcast of the workshop in Real Media or Windows Media format. The streaming video will also be available after the workshop. The video is an 320x240 80kbps stream.

Program committee

Ken Anderson, BBN (co-chair)
Jeremy Hylton, Python Software Foundation (co-chair)
Geoffrey Knauth, BAE Systems
Shriram Krishnamurthi, Brown University
Erik Meijer, Microsoft WebData
Dan Sugalski, Perl Foundation
Greg Sullivan, MIT CSAIL

The call for presentations deadline was Oct. 17.

Previous workshops

Local arrangements

LL3 will be held at MIT in 34-101 on Vassar Street. There is no cost to attend and lunch will be provided. There will also be an evening social activity.


The 2003 Scheme Workshop will be held the day before LL3 -- Nov. 7, 2003 -- at Northeastern University in Boston.

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